Notes From The Coffee Cart

As a gainfully employed barista at the lodge’s coffee stand, I have learned a few things. Here are some observations for your knowledge and pleasure:

1. 75% of people who order cappuccinos have no idea what they are asking for. You hand them a beautiful feather light cup that you labored for a whole minute on, and they peer inside with disapproval. “It’s practically all foam in here!”

2. 100% of people who order a “french-vanilla cappuccino” don’t want a cappuccino. It’s best just to make them an extra sweet vanilla latte and move on with your life.

3. It’s a hard life when your name tag identifies you as a Washingtonian and you are serving Seattle’s Best coffee.

4. People often order “just a plain old black coffee” in such a manner to have me believe they manly, rugged, and of refreshingly simple tastes. In reality, it just leads me to believe that they don’t know how to use a coffee maker.

5. People who used to work at Starbucks tend to believe that Starbucks is the official and final authority on coffee. Unfortunately, telling a French man that his small cafe au lait should actually be called a “tall misto” doesn’t really fly.

I love how every job has its quirks and inside jokes. Do any other baristas out there who notice some oddball behaviors in our customers and coworkers?




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