Cha-Cha-Cha Changes


Your three very *Ahem* professional editors.

If anyone has been keeping up with this blog, you may have noticed that some changes have been made around here. With my free time I have been working on the layout and design of the site. Behind the scenes, however, there have been bigger plans in the works.

I really admire and am fascinated by the indie blog scene. Sites like Here’s Looking At Me Kid and Delightfully Tacky have been a wonderful inspiration. And although some people may trivialize sites like this because of their cute, girly, Zooey Deschanel-esque aesthetic and content (an attitude I feel is more than a little informed by the sexist trope, traditionally feminine = weak and shallow), I find real value in empowering people to lead a creative life.

While I would love to keep pace with these ladies, I am not a super-DIYer, graphic designer, or enthusiastic photographer. But I have some wonderfully talented people around me.

I am going to let my new contributors introduce themselves. Look for their first posts soon. Until then, I just wanted to let everyone know how excited I am for a new phase of Bear & Lucy’s Notebook: the online magazine.


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