A Man Needs A Maid

Last week, I got a nice reprieve from the Eastern Washington heat to spend a couple of days on the west side of the mountains. My friend, Jess, is getting married next summer and she wanted all her college buds to come for the first search for the wedding dress. While we were there, she also gave us official invitations to be bridesmaids!

Jess is the first of my good friends to get married. While I am thrilled to be a part of her wedding, the whole thing is a bit uncomfortably grown-up. I remember when my sisters were getting married. They seemed so adult to me, but really they were the same age (or younger!) than I am now. There are so many awesome things about getting older, but sometimes this idea of being a grown-up fits me like a stiff pair of patent leather shoes on the first day of school.

At any rate, Jess has a wonderful sense of style, and I am excited to see how her wedding-planning process goes. And, of course, I am ecstatic that she found a great guy to share her life with!

If you want to follow the bridesmaids’ planning process, from dresses to bachelorette parties, you can follow our board on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/stoken/bridesmaids-and-bashes/




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