Living Up to My Conceptual Artist Rep

So, the first show at the gallery associated with the art school I work for is based on the Tarot. I’ve been brainstorming all week on which card I feel would be fun/appropriate to design a project based around. I painfully landed on the Five of Chalices, which is based mainly on loss, regret, feeling lonely, that kind of fun stuff. To learn more about this card and the tarot in general, I suggest reading this page and further exploring this website:

In developing ideas around this, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own life and how the energy related to this card has haunted it in different ways. After much debate, I decided to focus on my most feelings about moving away from University and mourning the separation of myself from the life, romantic entanglements and other relationships that I was so familiar with in my day to day survival.

Based on these “deep” reflections (yes, I am a very, VERY deep person sometimes), I have landed on a few key materials. First, I used an old t-shirt from this year that got a lot of wear ( a basic black tank), to make a pillow eventually that will be stuffed with old mementos, possibly my own hair, things tbd later that represent my feelings and memories of Ellensburg life. In addition, I have proceeded to rip up a few photographs from this year (Fun Fact: I love ripping up old photos for fun!!), and arrange them into a collage pattern which I will adhere to the bottom side of the pillow/base, which will have a bouquet of 5 dead roses that I have dried from a bouquet I acquired in the last year. I haven’t decided if I will also have a letter, or some sort of written component.

Here is a quick phone snap of my progress so far, I will keep you guys up to date with the progress and the show in general.


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