I’m Missing You Like Candy

a toned down ginger spice: revolveclothing.com// platform sandals: stevemadden.com// barbie patterns: ikea.com// inflatable sofa: amazon.com

There must be something about living in the city of my early childhood, because I’ve been super nostalgic about the 90s lately. And not the good ’90s. I’m talking about the fuchsia blow up ottomans, the butterfly-clips shaped like butterflies, the sickeningly sweet pop music, and the union jack mini dresses.

It’s probably for the best that there hasn’t been much of a revival of this look. However, there a few things that I am loving that reminds me of a simpler time when Mandy Moore was cruising around in her lime green VW Bug.

For example…

I’ve been checking out some ways to incorporate this feel into feel into my outfits. It’s definitely a challenge, because I’m not quite sure that we are far enough removed from these trends from them to really be kitschy or ironic. So far, the best way I’ve seen late 90s style modernized is with this top on etsy. Remember those stretchy bubble tops with the terrible patterns on them?


Someone should stop me before I outfit Gus and I’s new apartment in lime green blow up furniture with silver accents, as I planned when I was 9.

What do you think? Is it too soon to bring back the bubblegum-pop 90s? Anyone feeling as nostalgic as me about the union jack mini-dresses and platform shoes?


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