Treat Your Whole Life Like a Work of Art!

So, been super busy lately with the new job (which has been awesome, I love all of the childrens and my coworkers are great, ya know, in the honeymoon phase still but I’m okay with that 🙂 ). But, apart from that doing a lot of restructuring of my life. I’m coming to a pivotal moment where I need to decide if I’m moving on from the past or going to make it become my present. Anyways, that’s cryptic but if you know me well you will know what I’m talking about :P.

As a part of my obsession with change, I have recently decided (in a very spur of the moment decision) to cut bangs. I also am dressing more “Portland” each day… I feel like a Portland Porcelain doll.

And continuing my “Make-over”, I made over my room yet again (I think this is the fourth time since I’ve been home, so a month ish). As many of you know, I am a firm believer (superstitious, really) in feng shui and put wayyy too much energy into my space reflecting my life. But, in my experience, it usually does reflect. So, in that regard I am happy to say I’m really liking how my room looks right now, and am proud to say it reflects where I am at. Hopefully that stays with the major decisions ahead. Here are a few of the areas I worked on, primarily last night.

Oh, and the moral of the story? Treat your whole life like a work of art… and collage the crap out of things!



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