A Terribly Self-Conscious & Awkward Introduction to Outfit Posts

Gifted sweater, thrifted skirt. My favorite outfits cost less than 5 bucks.

I’ll admit, the idea of outfit posts make me uneasy. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading these posts when other people are writing them. Especially if that person has a similar style, budget, or even body type as me. But doing them myself? I’m convinced that I will just come across as a narcissist.
Deconstructing that (thank you psychotherapy!), I realize though that I don’t think of women who like to post their outfits online as narcissists. Often, I just think they are cool and creative and such. So, really, the only thing that is making me uneasy is a fear of rejection, a feeling that I don’t think of anything good or original enough to put online. Which is something I should work on keeping at bay. … Or maybe I’m just a true narcissist.
At any rate, for better or for worse, here are a couple pictures of what I am wearing today. Further adding to my shame, these are going to be crappy camera phone shots for now.

As you may or may not be able to see, I’m going autumnal 60s business casual look. And yes, I usually create stories at least that long for the clothes I happen to put together on a given day.
Perhaps it is all the job interviews or being a “real life journalist,” but I have been feeling like I have to step it up and dress like more like an adult. This has meant a lot of skirts and sweaters and red lipstick lately, plus a desire to incorporate some more Joan Holloway-esque tailored pieces into my wardrobe.  However, I fully expect this phase not to last. I’m far to fond of ripped up Courtney Love baby doll dresses and sandy beige jumpsuits (spoiler alert!) for me to be all pinned and proper for too long.


3 thoughts on “A Terribly Self-Conscious & Awkward Introduction to Outfit Posts

  1. We, at Ann Taylor, frequently come upon young women moving into that “Big Girl” clothing type . You have done well, and I, as your loving Aunt, think you look marvelous!

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