New Medium!

Creativity has been flowing like crazy for me as of late. Probably due to my job (art teaching k-5), living in the Portland area, and having lots of time to reflect. Though writing music, learning guitar, and photography have been consuming most of my artist energies in the near month and a half I’ve been back, I’ve found a new love recently (as in, the last two hours!):

Pastels. They are a lot like charcoal in my opinion (which I also love) but colorful and a little less messy! Here’s what I worked on tonight… a self-portrait that needs some touching up/refining, but good start I suppose. Also, in case you were curious, there are a few symbols that I placed on the nose, as pupils, and forming teeth on the mouth.

So uh, yay for new mediums? Go ahead, try something new, don’t be afraid to fail and maybe you’ll find something you really enjoy. 🙂


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