Hiking Along the Lewis River

Growing up North of Portland, Oregon has had its advantages. Of that is an abundance of great hiking and photographic shooting locations. The Lewis River provides a few in particular that never fail to impress. Moulton Falls offers a few different types of trails, including a never ending light gravel road perfect for running or walking, a few different hiking trails, and scenery ranging from river views, railroad tracks, forests, and lots of rock formations.

Lucia Falls is another great location along the Lewis River that was on our stops today when I went hiking with my father. It is a couple miles west of Moulton Falls and the trail is a short/easy 1 mile loop. It has a lot of scenic rock formations and pools as well though and is great for photographic shoots (see the arts section for a shoot I did a couple weeks ago at Lucia Falls with my mother).

These are just a few of the awesome locations along the Lewis River that are totally worth the drive North!


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