I’m a Genie In a Bottle Baby

Today’s shoot was inspired by the upcoming “Arabian Nights” show at Splendoporium Gallery in Portland, Oregon (associated with Art4Life where I work and show my art). I wanted to shoot a self-portrait series as a “Genie” and at the same time spark a discussion of women sexuality and ideals in our society. And yes, I did listen to that song during the shoot. Stay tuned for more images, full edits and an official artist statement!


One thought on “I’m a Genie In a Bottle Baby

  1. Such an impressive art form of painting.

    This photo-shoot of yours is quite a message. equality in a woman’s society. Then again, it paints a different other picture for me. I see this photo of yours as avant-garde.

    Wonderful. Hope to see more soon.

    Say, you should stop by my page sometime. I hope you find my writings interesting.

    ~Charlie Zero

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