There’s No Business Like Blog Business

I’ve discovered a few things this past weekend:

1. Guacamole can still be good without tomatoes. Who knew?

2. Gus, Kelli, and I shouldn’t be left alone with Photobooth.

3. Staff meetings are way more fun when you are running them!

Alright, so this is my incredibly silly way of sharing that the staff of Bear & Lucy had a meeting this weekend. It was super long and super productive and I’m totally excited. There are going to be some major changes going on around here, but believe me, they are definitely for the better.

In other news, I got Photoshop and now can’t stop (poorly) editing my pictures.

I will be keeping readers (Hi Mom!) updated during this process, but don’t expect me to give the whole game away at once. For now, just don’t be surprised to see a few surveys and maybe a couple excuses to buy a new party dress in the future!





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