Navy and Turmeric

“Fun and fashionable ensemble with a little fall flare” – Gus.

Gus should be a fashion writer, shouldn’t he?! So I thought it may be a good time to (hopefully less awkwardly) share another outfit. This is another one of my attempts at professionalism- “put a blazer on it!,” being my motto.

The mustard yellow tights and the sundress are still really casual, so I definitely wouldn’t wear this to (most) interviews or anything. However, it works really well for a fall-transition outfit. It gets some use out of the summer-favorite dresses, while incorporating some pieces that I’ve been counting down to autumn for the opportunity to wear (colored tights weather is my favorite weather). I also enjoy to pairing dresses and tights with awesome-ugly socks like these.

It’s still getting a bit warm during the day in Portland, so the blazer inevitably comes off. However, word around town is that our beautiful extended-summer is about to end. I don’t know exactly how I feel about this- but I think it’s probably excited with a touch of anticipation. This will be my first Portland winter since I was 5!


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