Sometimes I Feel Like a Female Version of Zelda

(And by Zelda, I mean Link. My inner nerd child always just assumed that Link was Zelda, oops!)

I wish I was cool enough for cos play (sp?). I probably only feel like the title is valid because I have Zelda-ish boots that only come out in the colder months. And I digress…

In other news, if you didn’t already know, the weather has finally caught up and Fall is officially here! Which is good news for me because Fall is my absolute favorite season! Especially for fashion. With my paycheck 5 days away, I thought it was time to go through the old wardrobe.

The best way to find out what you need is to evaluate what you have and what pieces might be good additions. Here are some outfits I came up with out of what I have:

How to make a slip appropriate for out of bedroom wear? Add a vest and a scarf! Once it’s winter, I will prob add a black long sleeve under this.

This outfit is like a leftover casserole, with clothing. I am always a huge shorts over tights person, and this year I’m all about this vest.

Layering is another Fall must! I really am obsessed with this vest…

Also, I’m a huge fan of using shirts I loved in summer and putting them over a simple black long sleeve.

I really am attracted to patterns that clash as of late as well, this would be nice with a blazer I’m thinking.

Tight blue dress carries over into Fall with the help of tights and long black sleeve. Though Thanksgiving will probably axe this outfit with the beer/food gut in full swing again 😛

Did I mention I really really love gray tights? That and dark wash skinnies.

So now that I’ve wasted a few hours dancing around in my clothes, I have determined that I need:


-long sleeve shirts of varying colors



-more fashion tops and dresses


Stay tuned for an after payday photoshoot 🙂 And Happy Fall everyone!!


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