It’s Life & Life Only

After all the fanfare around moving to Portland, I guess I kind of dropped the ball on reporting on how that went. But guys, that’s because it’s been crazy! Not only am I writing for an online magazine, but I am also working at a daycare and teaching after school classes to elementary schoolers. Whew!

It’s been pretty hectic starting all these new jobs plus life in a new-ish city, but I am still really excited to be down here and oddly looking forward to settling into a routine. There have been some good times and high points, however. For my writing jobs, I have gone to a few shows and found some cool new spots. We got a MacBook, which I am basically addicted to.  I went up to Seattle with Kelli for our friend Jess’ birthday, where I over-imbibed (just a smidgen) at some trendy club. By the end of the evening, I was asking everyone in the club if they had ever read any David Foster Wallace, who I was reading at the time (no one had), and hiding under tables at our late night Denny’s breakfast. Just like college…

Finally (the thing I am most happy about), we found our apartment. It’s tiny and adorable and in only a slightly sketchy part of town. We move in around the first of the month. I am extremely excited to start playing house with decorations and whatnot. I’ll be sure to try to keep you posted, and maybe do an apartment tour in the near future!


3 thoughts on “It’s Life & Life Only

  1. Hope this isn’t public, or is it? Anyways, don’t care. Love your blog, know less than nothing about them; blogs, that is. Know a little about son. Know he loves you. Good enough for me cause I know him. Love your outfits. Know what its like to try and look “right” for a job on a budget. Not a woman who does outfits unless they are classic and then I try to “change” them. Prefer already matched, however, when I go out of my comfort zone, I still like “suits” but with flare. Oh boy.

    Be good to my most beautiful son. He is a treasure to me. Should be that for you too.

    • Paula-
      About the professional, yet not boring, yet not too sweltering outfits: Personally, I’m a big advocate of dresses, because (unless your office is super professional and require hosiery) you can leave your legs bare and cool. A semi-tailored style will look professional in whatever color you go with, so you can choose something that suits your personality. If pants are more your style, you could try some lightweight slacks (places like the Gap or Target are good places to check for these) and a top that is professional but makes you happy (again, incorporating your favorite color works wonders). You could then top it off with a blazer or jacket that can come off once you set to work in your office.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. You’re right. I am extremely appreciative of having Gus in my life and on the blog. Also, I would love to have guest posts sometimes. Just let me know when you have something in mind and we can get the ball rolling!
      Also, if you would prefer to email me directly, my email address is
      Have a great weekend!

  2. Chanelle,
    Maybe wrong place to leave msgs. Sorry. You are doing clothes thing and I deal with it everyday and how to make something of my closet that is professional looking without being BLAH! Could be suit, suit, suit. And that would work, however, come summer and those rising tempts, suit comes off for what? That looks professional? My dilemma. Love you kids. And please do tell me if I am not responding correctly. I know next to nothing about blogs and I always thought if I had something to say I would say in a personal email, but my children seem to have gone beyond personal emails or at least I don’t get responses from such. Oh, feel I’ve spoken too much. Would appreciate a response. Love what you are doing. If you ever want older viewpoint included, love to write.

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