My Perfect Man (And Other Ventures in Collaging)


So lately my single-ness has been bothering me a bit. Perhaps it’s the lack of suitable males in my life, or the fact that I for once in my life don’t really have anyone I am actively crushing on. That coupled with my new found love of collaging (which is really an old love that I just forgot about) made me sit and contemplate on what a perfect man would be in my eyes, and by perfect I mean fairly realistic because I wouldn’t want someone who is “perfect”. So, I decided to interpret this man in collage form, using a calendar picture I like, clips from book art, photographs from boys I know in day to day life that I like certain things about, etc. It’s not complete by any means, but off to a good start I think. If anyone knows someone like this, PLEASE GIVE THEM MY NUMBER! Not to sound desperate or anything 😉

Below is another collage piece I’ve been working on for the upcoming Arabian Nights Show at Splendoporium, based around the idea of storytelling, story within a story, etc. What I love about collage most of all is all of the hidden meanings in the imagery, the comic factor and manipulating of objects.


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