Sleeping Like A Mayan Baby

Life is interesting like that, ironically since the end of the Mayan calendar is fast approaching.

Uninteresting backstory: I’ve been a sickling (my doctor once referred to me as “typhoid mary”) my whole life. In the last couple of years, I’ve attributed that to being allergic to something, but hadn’t taken the time to figure that out. So, in the last two weeks I finally went to an immunologist and got the skin prick for allergies. This testing is mainly for things that you are highly allergic to, so even if you test negative, you still can be allergic, just at a lower level. I ended up testing as highly sensitive to Dust Mites, something I never would have figured out on my own!

To the point: Using the excuse that mattresses are the prime home of dust mites, I decided to try out a makeshift hammock, using two pieces of rope, my metal bed frame and sheets! Although I will likely switch out to a real rope hammock when I get one, this is surprisingly comfortable and supportive!

Online tutorial I used:

Bottom line: I’ve been wanting to sleep in hammock as a bed since I was a tot, dreams sometimes do come true. Thank you dust mites for the excuse, though I still don’t like you. 🙂


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