On Goals, Overloading, and NaNoWriMo

My face after 3 hours of data entry and 2 hours of interview transcription.

I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as an ambitious person. I didn’t spend high school at (much) SAT prep or regional DECA meetings. I don’t have a high powered job. My wardrobe is completely free of black slacks.

That being said, I do have the potentially bad habit of taking on too many projects and overloading myself. Even worse, I can be a bit impulsive taking these things on. For example, I agreed to my current internship position before I had a job, transportation, or even a set place to stay in Portland. Nor did I really reflect on the fact that I was not actually planning to pursue a career as  a journalist. “Yes” is just my default setting when it comes to new projects.

Granted, this behavior often works out in my favor. Taking on the bePortland position has been the catalyst that has gotten Gus and I moved down and gainfully employed in Portland (did I mention Gus got a job at REI? The  50% discount is likely going to break us, but I’m really happy). Plus, it’s a great feeling to be published again, especially outside of college publications.

The problem is, I don’t know when to stop. As the lovely picture above illustrates, I get tired. Still,  only small threads of sanity has prevented me (so far)  from applying to more internships and volunteer positions. Which leads me to my next question: should I do National Novel Writing Month this year? It’s been kind of a tradition for me to attempt and fail this event, which challenges writers to complete a novel in the month of November.

Pros: If I fudge the definition of novel a bit, this could push me to actually get some portfolio work together for graduate school; it’s tradition!

Cons: I have three jobs; I write on this blog and am in the process of relaunching it; my social life is painfully lacking; I already spend 2/3 of my time working on things I am not paid for.

Even with that list, I am still leaning towards doing it. I’m beginning to think this post is actually a cry for help. Somebody stop me!

What about you guys? Do you have problems saying “no” to things? Is anyone as quick to work for free as I am?


2 thoughts on “On Goals, Overloading, and NaNoWriMo

  1. You’re young and the experience will only aid you later in life. I am older and cannot afford to give me time away for free although I did volunteer in Sept for kids and kayaks at the Wildlife Expo. It was great fun. And actually, to get my first experience in a law office, I did volunteer to three months in a law office in Yakima.

  2. I do have problems at times saying no to things. That reason is because I don’t want to upset that other party. I try my best to say, “No” calmly and explain in a low tune what my situation is.


    I do apologies for my absence. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather. But now, I am feeling great and back to reading blogs and blogging again. 🙂

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