Sheets, Sheets, And More Sheets!

Lately, my projects have been utilizing a lot of sheets.

As many of you know, earlier this week I made a hammock to start sleeping in. Though not exactly “art”, being resourceful is in itself an art. This hammock is primarily made out of sheets as the main support, which I am still amazed actually works and holds weight!

Tonight, after my second wind of coffee came on strong at 1am, I decided to make some sort of dress out of the extra sheet I had left. After a quick search on Pinterest, I found myself going head first into the makings of an infinity dress. I made it about halfway before deciding I’d do the tedious work of sewing seams another day, but even still it doesn’t look too shabby.

Now I wonder two things: 1) what else will I make out of spare sheet material this week? and 2) why do I have so many sheets lying around?


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