Halloween, the Best Holiday Ever!


So, my favorite holiday by far is Halloween! This year, I spent the most of my festivities at work, since it fell on a Wednesday and I am celebrating with my Ellensburg friends this weekend (trying to keep my tolerance down so that I don’t spend too much money on alcohol :P). Anyways, I threw together my costume, above, “rotten salad” (it’s a loose interpretation thing), and got to spend the day eating mud and worms, telling creepy/funny stories to elementary students, taking pictures of all of the scary costumes, and most importantly making sure kindergardeners weren’t too scared in the 3-5th grade students’ haunted house! Only one kid cried, the only kinder boy go figure! All and all, I was wiped after work and un-winded by watching Six Feet Under with my parents.

What did everyone else do to celebrate? Hope you had as much fun as I did!! 


2 thoughts on “Halloween, the Best Holiday Ever!

  1. Heeyy !!!
    In France, in the lovely town of Strasbourg near Germany, we drank too much at my place before leaving my house in a mess that the Devil would envy ahha, we went clubbing and I saw a lot of dead dolls, vampire, zombie and sexy zombie-vampire in the streets.
    I love Halloween, it’s really cool but I guess in the US it must be really something! This year we dressed as a team of cheerleader: the NASTEAM haha, it was bloody fun 🙂

    Greeting from France 🙂

    • That is awesome, I am jealous! The US can certainly get crazy when it comes to this holiday, but sounds like you guys were on par!! France is one place I’ve always wanted to visit, sounds like a blast! That will be my upcoming weekend when I go out with friends!

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