From Enemies to Allies <3


Less than a year ago, if you would even say “Xacto Knife” to me, I would have flinched. Now, I find myself thanking God there is a way to cut things without struggling with a pair of scissors. My left-handed self is very thankful for and happy to make peace with such a cool art tool.

That being said, I am a collage machine lately. I guess having a million pictures printed up that I quickly grow tired of and not wanting to toss them has forced me into this medium, but I am very stoked about it! It’s a great way to incorporate many hidden meanings, lots of comedy, and my love of photography and recycled/pieced together type art.


Based on this, I am starting a collage “diary”, month to month adding new stuff daily so that, the end result should be a really cool and diverse representation of how I was feeling/what I was doing each month. I’m really excited and think this should be a fun project to continue on!


The only downfall to collage is my room looks like this.^^




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