Hooray for the Holidays: Gluten-Free/Soy-Free/Vegan Carrot Cornbread!

That was a mouthful. Followed by a crummy pun. Followed by yet another horrible pun!

Anyways, for work tomorrow we have a Thanksgiving potluck with the kiddos, so I decided to make the cornbread. At the school I work at, we have a ton of gluten-free kids (I refer to them as “the glutens”), a few vegans, and a handful of dairy-free/other random allergies. So todays recipe is extremely allergy friendly! And gosh, doesn’t everyone love cornbread?!

As a reference, I used http://vegetarian.about.com/od/glutenfreerecip2/r/noglutencorn.htm. But, I’m not a huge follow the recipe/directions exactly person.

I used:

1.5 packets of GF cornbread from Bob’s Red Mill

8 medium sized carrots

1 box of coconut milk, unsweetened (coconut dream)

4 tbs of flaxseed ground (awesome egg replacer)

1/2 cup canola oil

*Crank up the tunes, it makes it much more enjoyable to rock out while you bake!

Preheated oven to 450. Then, basically, I scrubbed, chopped, sliced and boiled the carrots in approximately 2 cups of water (though I moreso just winged it, not too much water that the carrots are drowning but enough that they don’t burn on the bottom). Then, I mixed the cornbread mix, coconut milk, flaxseed and canola oil in. I didn’t mash the carrots first, more so left them in carrot junks, so that’s an option. Plop it in for 32-35 minutes, and voila!

This is how mine turned out, can’t wait to enjoy it tomorrow with all of the kiddos at our Thanksgiving Feast!!


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