No Time to Dream (Ventures in Collage)

It always fascinates me just how much art reflects the life of the artist at the time the art was created. Right now, I am in a dream-walking course, fighting a cold, prepping for a detox (which means coffee-free for 3 days), working with children, and feeling the pressure of the holidays. This has led to some pretty bizarre dreams, that have definitely been influencing my collage work. In this last month of heavy collaging, I have most enjoyed creating surreal imagery that is very heavily coded with symbols.

Tonight, I started a collage that ultimately reminded me of the dreams I am having that are so heavily influencing my waking life. It is by no means complete. On a side note, I am super stoked to have gotten some new collaging supplies that were much needed. Yay for sharpies and glue sticks!

Here’s where I ended up before my cold made me too tired to do more:


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