Old Friends


Kelli and I were college roommates. We lived in the same house for two years with a constant rotation of our third roommate. In that house, we read tarot cards, drank cherry-infused whiskey, wrote angst-ridden songs and procrastinated on a lot of work. We moved to the Portland area around the same time and luckily still sometimes find time to hang out.

I’m very grateful to have her around. Not only because she is a good friend, but because her presence offers a calming sense of continuity. With her around, I am better able to connect the dots from my old “college life” to everything new and crazy going on here. It helps keep the nostalgia at bay. But also, it helps me remember that everything that happened in that tiny house in that tiny college/rodeo town actually happened and still informs my life today.


There’s something about clothing that helps me in a similar way. Maybe I associate too much of my memory and personality with the tangible. But something about the wearing that shirt that I picked up on credit card busting shopping excursion with friends two years ago (see above) can affect how I am feeling. Different sides of me emerge in the dress that I wore to my graduation party vs the one I wore on New Year’s Eve last year. Somehow fabric has become my mental recording device with each event changing the narrative just a little bit more.

Outfit details:

Turtleneck: Secondhand from Patina, Yakima, WA

Skirt: H&M

Coat: Gifted


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