California, Let’s Have a Party!

IMG_1622Traveling during the holidays is something I wouldn’t do normally by choice. But, my best friend Elena and her family live down in California, and with the two weeks off from work I figured I better use the chance to visit. Let me just start by saying, the song is right. Many (small) parties were had!


First, let me touch on the nightlife of Sacramento. One word. Faces. Despite it being as my friends’ call “Welfare Wednesday”, Faces on a Wednesday night was perhaps the coolest nightclub I’ve ever been to.  Also made cooler by the fact that drinks were a dollar before 11pm and $2 after, there were multiple dance floors with various music, a swimming pool on the  back patio and a decent scene for the day after Christmas.


Though the majority of my trip was spent exploring places around Sacramento, we did venture over to San Francisco for the day. I finally experienced driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, ended up in the Castro District for a brief moment, and drove through a lot of the neighborhoods and non-touristy spots of the city.


Another great part of California is BevMo! (aka Beverages More). It’s basically an Alcohols R Us, with great selection and pricing of every alcohol you can possibly imagine. It was glorious!


Shockingly, a day of my trip was spent in relative nature, at my best friends’ aunts in El Dorado Hills. The whole day was spent shooting guns, drinking wine, hanging out with good company and food, and ended with a bonfire under the stars! Reminded me of being home.



Ultimately, what made the trip most memorable was catching up with the old friends while forming new friendships! Sounds like we are already planning some joint Summer ventures as well, stay tuned!


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