My Portland Life


My 2013 has been absolutely insane thus far! Mostly in a positive way! I recently moved to N.E. Portland North of the Alberta district, began working a second job officially, and have spent a lot of time playing catch up on bills, babysitting and organizing life things in general.


I literally began my packing the moment I got home from California on the 31st, and moved the very next day. So far, it’s been lovely! I am within a mile of Peninsula Park, Kenton District, and within 3 of Mississippi, Alberta, and other awesome districts!


My dog Chiquita is thrilled about the move as well! Currently, the house has two chickens outside (though I am otherwise following a standard vegan diet, I get the addition of eggs that I actually know where they come from!) and an adorable male corgy/lab mix! Though the dogs have yet to become friends, it adds some spice to life for sure. And soon, we will have the addition of a third dog, a male French Bulldog! Needless to say, it’s a full house!


Also on my plate, I officially began my second job, swim instructing! I have enjoyed it immensely, and some of the added bonuses (i.e. losing arm hair, bleaching out hair, because of long exposure to warm water and chlorine) has thus far been appreciated. The only thing that kind of blows is the skin issues that have cropped up. But, with time and care my skin should adjust fairly quickly (or so I’m told by coworkers). I also am gaining arm muscle (yay!) from having to lift kids and throw them off the slide!


All in all, 2013 is shaping up to be a game changing year for me! Stay tuned for upcoming art posts, and I should have some pretty epic travel posts later this year as well.


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