Sugar Crash- One Month (+ Some Change) In!


I have encountered a serious problem with this sugar free challenge that I in no way could have ever, ever anticipated….

… it’s too easy.

Seriously guys, I have nothing to write about. Unless you want to hear me write things like “I kind of wanted some pie, but then I realized that I am probably just PMS-y, so I just had a handful of dates instead.” Real dramatic, right?

I knew that sugar cravings would probably die down once I was off sugar for a while, but I didn’t expect the change to be this dramatic. If you had told me a few months ago that my cravings for sweets could be totally satiated by an orange, I would have laughed in your face. Real hard.

Here’s The Trick

However, I did have once policy in the first couple weeks that may have eased the transition. I ate “dessert” every night. Dessert could be anything, really- a piece of fruit, hot chocolate sweetened with stevia, a smoothie, or some date rolls (dates blended with unsweetened coconut. You can buy them in the bulk section of most health food stores). It seemed to give me a psychological boost to call it dessert. There’s something much more luxurious about sitting down to something sweet at the dessert hour than snarfling down cookies while watching a Dr. Who marathon (which is, admittedly, still delightful).

After those first couple weeks, my habit kind of petered off naturally. If I want to have something after dinner, I am free to do so. But now I usually forget. It’s the best feeling to be free of those cravings.

Anyone Wondering What I Am Eating?

It’s pretty delicious – and not low fat in the slightest. It includes:

  • Coconut cream- the thick stuff on the top of the can when you open it. Use the cream from one can of coconut milk.
  • 1/4-1/2 c. chopped pitted dates
  • 3-6 tbsp cocoa powder (natural or raw so that you get the antioxidants and such), depending on how dark you like your chocolate.

Throw those babies in the blender and pulse away until creamy. It tastes like mousse or pudding. Refrigerate for a firmer texture.


Eats the sweets to avoid the sugar! It’s my new slogan.

Anyone having the same lack-of-problem problem? Or are visions of sugar cookies dancing in your head? Or do you think I am eating way too many freakin’ dates? (Never.) Let me know below!


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